Management consultancy Spire Philanthropy is led by Brad Offman, a leader in corporate community investment, corporate fundraising and philanthropic structures.

At Spire Philanthropy, we offer an innovative approach to relationship building between corporations and charities. We work with a variety of public, private and not-for-profit organizations to build long-term, meaningful relationships that have a sustainable, lasting impact.


Our basic philosophy at Spire Philanthropy is to build stronger partnerships between the corporate and charitable sectors. In order to create these partnerships, a new paradigm must be created, one where both corporations and charities recognize value and benefit equally from it. The funder-receiver paradigm where the power in the relationship rests with the corporations undermines the very definition of partnership.


In a true partnership, each side must understand the other’s motivations and see value in the relationship. Our vast experience in both corporate community investment and non-profit management are the keys to our deep value proposition. We understand the motivations of each partnership and by doing so, we are able to seek true common ground.


Brad Offman is Founder and Managing Partner of Spire Philanthropy, a management consultancy specializing in corporate-charitable partnerships and philanthropic advisory services.  He is the former Senior Vice President, Strategic Philanthropy at Mackenzie Investments, former President of the Mackenzie Investments Charitable Foundation and Managing Director of the Mackenzie Charitable Giving Fund.  Prior to joining Mackenzie, Brad served as Vice President, Development at the Toronto Community Foundation.


Brad is currently on the Board of the V-42 Foundation, the CAGP Foundation and Benefaction Foundation.  He is a past member of the National Advisory Council for Imagine Canada and is a founding partner and chief curator of the Corporate Partnership Conference.


Brad is past Chair of the Leave A Legacy Program for the Greater Toronto Area and former member of the Board of Directors for both Philanthropic Foundations Canada and the Association of Fundraising Professionals.    He is a past Faculty Member for the CAGP Original Gift Planning Course and is currently on the organization’s Government Relations Committee.  He is also on the Editorial Advisory Board for Gift Planning in Canada.


Brad holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master of Arts Degree from the University of Toronto and a First Class Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree from McGill University in Montreal.   He also holds the Certified Fundraising Executive and Master Financial Advisor – Philanthropy designations.