Endowment Advisory Services

We help charities find investment advisors who understand their unique needs.
Our goal is to help charities build their capacity by finding the right partners.

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Spire Philanthropy - Investment Policy Development for Charities

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Charities struggle to find service providers who understand the environment in which they operate. Charities face significant constraints on their resources, and it is important that they find partners who can provide excellent service at a reasonable cost. This includes investment providers.


We help charities find investment providers who can provide tailored solutions that meet their needs.


Spire Philanthropy works only with investment providers who understand the unique needs of charities and non-profits. We work with both staff and volunteers to source firms whose service standards, pricing levels and portfolio options meet YOUR needs.


Through our work in providing philanthropic advisory services to individuals and corporations, Spire Philanthropy is a leader in the philanthropic and voluntary sector.


We combine our expertise in philanthropic advisory services, corporate partnerships, charitable gift planning and the investment sector to help charities manage and grow their donations and assets.


Our Services to Charities and Non-Profits:

  1. Investment Policy Review
  2. Review of Investment Processes and Decision-Making Structure
  3. Identifying Investment Servicing Requirements
  4. Development of Request For Proposals (RFP)
  5. Identifying Appropriate Investment Service Providers

Investment Policy Review


Reviewing investment policy to ensure it meets the organization’s needs
Identifying potential amendments and additions to policy

Investment Processes and Servicing Requirements


Review of Decision-Making processes
Investment Committee Composition and Skill Sets
Determining Organizational Needs including Servicing and Reporting Requirements

Finding Investment Providers


Designing an RFP that is appropriate for your organization
Identifying  investment providers that meet your needs
Supporting the selection and review process