Endowment Builder

Endowment Builder is a program designed to help charities build their Endowment Funds. 

Our Vision

Our Vision is to help charities build long-term, sustainable sources of revenue. Endowment Builder supports charities as they build their endowment fund and create a sustainable long-term predictable revenue stream. 

How Does Spire Philanthropy help us build our Endowment Fund?

There are two ways that Spire Philanthropy’s Endowment Builder can help a charity can build an Endowment Fund. 

  1. Donations – We Help Your Organization Attract Support from Donors that can be used to build your Endowment Fund
  2. Investment Performance = We Help Your Organization select investment providers that are right for you.

Legacy and Planned Giving Services

Our services to charities

Strategic Support

› Development of a Planned Giving Strategy

› Prioritization of Endowment Fund prospects

› Presentation to Board of Directors

› Presentation to Fundraising Committee 

Collateral Materials

› Donor Brochures 

› Website Materials 

› Materials for Professional Advisors 

Board Consultation

› Board Training 

› Board Solicitation 

Training & Development

› Legacy giving training sessions with fundraising teams 

› PG 101 for Board of Directors 

Policy Development

› Formal draft of Master Fundraising policies including:

• Statement of Policy/ Scope – General Principles and Accountabilities
• General Fundraising Policies
• Gift Acceptance Policy
• Endowment Policy
• Gift Valuation Policy
• Corporate Relations Policy


› Formal draft of procedures including:

• Insurance Administration Procedures
• Insurance Journey Protocols
• Bequest Journey Protocols

Donor Agreements

› Review of existing donor agreements 

› Creation of draft Master Fund Agreement 

Endowment Advisory Services

Our services to charities

Investment Policy Review

› Review investment policy to ensure it meets the organization’s needs 

› Identify potential amendments and additions to policy 

Investment Processes & Servicing Requirements

› Review of Decision-Making processes 

› Investment Committee Composition and Skill Sets 

› Determine Organizational Needs including Servicing and Reporting Requirements 

Finding Investment Providers

› Design an RFP that is appropriate for your organization 

› Identify investment providers that meet your needs 

› Support the selection and review process