Philanthropic Advisory Services

Spire Philanthropy helps financial institutions bring philanthropy to their clients.
We work with financial institutions to develop systems, products, services that enable their advisors to have meaningful philanthropic conversations with the end client.

As corporations become more strategic with their community investments, and with charities trying to maximize their limited resources, we work with both parties to develop partnerships that create real value, both intrinsic and financial, for all.

With charities, our corporate-partner building is based on our proven seven-step process:

We work to provide financial institutions (and their advisors) with the ability to deliver in the following areas:

Advisor Training


  • Building a giving strategy that reflects the individual and family’s giving objectives
  • Maximizing the tax potential of giving
  • Leveraged giving strategies
  • Understanding of the training landscape


Giving structures


  • Indirect giving versus direct giving
  • Private foundations and donor-advised funds
  • Selecting a donor-advised fund that meets all giving objectives
  • Using different vehicles – insurance, flow-through shares, private company shares to maximize donor benefit


Giving strategies


  • Setting long-term plans and objectives
  • Facilitating decisions among different family members
  • Finding the causes, and charities, that can best satisfy giving objectives
  • Succession planning
  • Intergenerational transfer of values