Corporate Partnership Services

In a true partnership, each side must understand the other’s motivations and see value in the relationship.
Our vast experience in both corporate community investment and non-profit management are the keys to its deep value proposition. We understand the motivations of each partnership and by doing so, and we are able to seek true common ground.

As corporations become more strategic with their community investments, and with charities trying to maximize their limited resources, we work with both parties to develop partnerships that create real value, both intrinsic and financial, for all.

With charities, our corporate-partner building is based on our proven seven-step process:


Organizational Understanding


This stage is designed to gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization – its systems, culture, dynamics and decision-making processes.  This stage can usually be completed within the first three weeks of the engagement.

Asset Review


This stage involves a detailed review of your organizational assets – in other words, what is has to offer to potential partners.

Audit, Asset Development and Valuation


This important stage involves working with our partners on the process of building, identifying and valuing assets, as well as an audit of your organization’s sponsorship properties.  You will leave this stage with a customized valuation calculator and training on how to use it.  The organization will also receive a final report detailing where to place its effort in order to increase the value and attractiveness of opportunities.

Review of Existing Corporate Relationships


This stage involves a strategic review of existing corporations with the goal of enhancing and sustaining these relationships.

Identifying New Funding Opportunities


This stage involves identifying corporate partners who are interested in aligning with your organization and its assets.

Cultivation of Prospective Partners – Internal Asset Building


The support of staff and volunteers is key to the execution of any fund development strategy.   This stage involves identifying appropriate individuals who have both the skills and willingness to help is the key challenge.

Cultivation, Solicitation and Stewardship


After focused targets have been identified (based on funding fit, organizational relationships and funding capacity), we begin the process of cultivating relationships with these organizations supporting you through the cultivation process.  This process is not a complicated one but the general funding process for institutions ranges from six to eighteen months.   Depending on granting cycles and frequency, the process can begin almost immediately for some organizations.

It is important to note that given these considerations, it is unlikely that our targeted efforts will result in significant funding within nine months of the beginning of our engagement.

Gift cultivation (building a relationship to the point where a partnership can be discussed) and solicitation (providing a partnership proposal) are both critical.

During this process, Spire Philanthropy will continue to work with all key stakeholders including your staff and volunteers.  Spire Philanthropy will support you in the development of strategic proposals that are based on cultivated relationships and strategic conversations.