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Articles and information on corporate community investment strategies and charitable fundraising written by Spire Philanthropy’s Brad Offman.
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Building Partnerships – At Spire Philanthropy, we offer an innovative approach to relationship building between corporations and charities. We work with a variety of public, private and not-for-profit organizations to build long-term, meaningful relationships that have a sustainable, lasting impact.

Gift Planning Thoughts

Let’s stop comparing ourselves to Americans when it comes to charitable giving. It is true that on a per capita basis, Americans are more far more generous than we are but the truth is that they are miles ahead of every nationality when it comes...

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Canadian Charities Deserve Better

It’s time to have a frank discussion about charities and their administrative and fundraising costs. Over the past decade, the increasing focus on a charity’s cost of doing business – and yes, charities are in the business of societal betterment – has forced the entire...

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Endowments: How To

In the last few months, readers of this publication have had the opportunity to seriously consider the notion of endowments and how they might find into our overall donor development model. Both Liz Moxham and I tackled how the recent changes to the Disbursement Quota...

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The endowment is a bit of lost soul. It’s a term with no true legal meaning but a whole bunch of different understandings. It’s a word embraced by some fundraising organizations yet frowned upon by others. Endowments are like perennial flowers – we don’t want...

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The New Disbursement Quota Rules and their Implications for Charities

Tucked away in the latest Federal Budget were several proposed provisions which will radically impact the way that charities manage their donations. These provisions, which reform and substantially simplify the existing disbursement quota rules, should dramatically impact the conversations that gift planners (and all fundraisers)...

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Impact of Donor Advised Funds

The recent influx of commercial donor-advised funds (aka “charitable giving funds”) into the charitable marketplace has raised the eyebrow of many fundraising professionals employed by the thousands of charities currently operating in Canada. How will this impact my bottom line? Will these new charitable programs...

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Gift Giving In Today’s Tumultuous Times

It’s 9:00 am on Wednesday, November 26 and my inbox is already flooded with emails. Everyone, including our very own Chief Investment Officer, has taken the time to let me know that the BCE Deal has imploded and it’s probably not going to close.   While...

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Fundraising Strategies

In many sophisticated fundraising organizations, there is still a sharp dichotomy between major and planned gifts. As a relatively new fundraising professional, I cannot, for the life of me, understand this how this approach truly benefits the donor. Despite the growing professionalism of the non-profit...

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