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Articles and information on corporate community investment strategies and charitable fundraising written by Spire Philanthropy’s Brad Offman.
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Building Partnerships – At Spire Philanthropy, we offer an innovative approach to relationship building between corporations and charities. We work with a variety of public, private and not-for-profit organizations to build long-term, meaningful relationships that have a sustainable, lasting impact.

Street Fundraising

So you’re strolling down Queen Street West in downtown Toronto searching for a new pair of funky shoes to add to your collection and all of sudden, you’re approached by a clean-cut twentysomething in a colourful smock – “Do you have a few moments to...

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Charities & Their Investments

I’m a huge fan of charities and an even bigger fan of our wonderful charitable sector. Charities always try to do the right thing and most of the time, they succeed. Where would our civil society be without our charities – our food banks and...

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Investment Management for Charities

Endowment funds have the opportunity to make a difference in how charities fulfill their missions. The oversight of a charity’s investments can involve considerable fiduciary risk. How charities manage and mitigate this risk is probably the more important aspect of the investment management process. The term “fiduciary”...

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2013 Tax Incentives

On February 11, 2013, many of us who work with charities waited with eager anticipation.   On that day, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (FINA) released its long-awaited report on Tax Incentives for Charitable Giving in Canada. In short, the report recommended that...

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Teen Philanthropy

Teenagers. You know all about them. Those lazy, Ipod-shuffling, Twitter-loving creatures whose only interest in the world is the latest trend in popular culture. If this is still your view of the average teenager, you’ve got it all wrong. In fact,...

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In many sophisticated fundraising organizations, there is still a sharp dichotomy between major and planned gifts. As a relatively new fundraising professional, I cannot, for the life of me, understand this how this approach truly benefits the donor. Despite the growing professionalism of the non-profit...

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Other Testamentary Options

While a charitable bequest in your Will is an easy and very effective way to make a legacy gift to your favourite charity, there are other options when comes to making a deferred donation. This article will explore two of them: life insurance and retirement...

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Charitable Giving Strategies

You have the power to change the world. This article is about charitable gift planning.   Charitable gift planning is the process of incorporating charitable giving into your client’s overall financial plan. It’s about giving money away in a thoughtful, meaningful and strategic manner. Charitable gift planning...

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Allied Professionals

Most gift planners recognize the importance of cultivating relationships with the local “allied professional” community (for the purpose of this article, “allied professional” or “AP” includes lawyers, accountants, financial planners/advisors and insurance advisors) but very few of us take a strategic approach when it comes...

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